Blog Posts in December, 2015

  • This One Winter Mistake Might Cost Your Baby's Life

    Most parents don’t know that winter coats and car seats can be a deadly combination. An NHTSA crash test lab in Michigan has shown that infants who are strapped into car seats when wearing winter coats may appear to be securely strapped in when they are actually dangerously loose. BABY'S WINTER COAT MIGHT BE WARM... IT'S ALSO POTENTIALLY DEADLY IN AN AUTO CRASH . According to highway safety ...
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  • Your Hoverboard Christmas Gift Just Burned Down a House

    It’s 2015 and Hoverboards are sweeping the nation. With fire and explosions. The Hollywood blockbuster Back To The Future Part II predicted this. Unlike the board Michael J. Fox used to escape Biff Tannen, today’s hoverboards don’t float. Instead, they are sophisticated two-wheeled devices that use microchips to self-balance while angsty teens ride them. THIS HOVERBOARD HAS A TOP SPEED OF 16 MPH ...
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