Blog Posts in November, 2015

  • I Was Injured in a Spaceship Accident. Who Can I Sue?

    Sure, most of us can only dream about visiting the heavens in a spaceship. This one is pretty far-fetched, but at RMD Law LLP , we like to think outside the box. It’s what makes us effective lawyers . Let’s say you had a great space vacation, but you had a rough re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere (like Sandra Bullock did in the blockbuster film Gravity ), and now you’re having back pain. A trip ...
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  • 5 Mistakes You're Making While Driving on Ice and Snow

    The Sierras have seen record amounts of snowfall in the past few weeks. The LA Times reports that Mammoth Mountain has already seen several major winter storms, and the slopes are open for business with a solid base of 22 inches. I’m excited about all the snow. I’m an avid skier, and El Niño looks like it will be keeping me deep in the powder this season. Of course, if you will be hitting the ...
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  • Things at RMD Law Got a Little Spooky This Halloween

    I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween weekend. I know that attorney John Rajaee and I sure did with our Star Wars Death Star pumpkin – complete with working lasers! Halloween is a big weekend for car accident attorneys. With so many people walking on foot, drivers who are used to driving faster through their neighborhoods are often caught off guard. Other accidents result when drivers have a bit too ...
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