Things at RMD Law got a little Spooky this Halloween

Things at RMD Law Got a Little Spooky This Halloween

I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween weekend. I know that attorney John Rajaee and I sure did with our Star Wars Death Star pumpkin – complete with working lasers!

Death Star Carved Pumpking with Working Lasers | RMD Law Annual Pumpkin Carving Competition

Halloween is a big weekend for car accident attorneys. With so many people walking on foot, drivers who are used to driving faster through their neighborhoods are often caught off guard.

Other accidents result when drivers have a bit too much to drink. At Party City in San Dimas, a Mercedes Benz crashed right into the store this Halloween, injuring four people and resulting in one person being airlifted to the hospital. There’s just no excuse for this type of accident. If you have been involved in an accident this Halloween, let the Force be with you.

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