Blog Posts in October, 2015

  • Well, That Was Fast: A Self-Driving Tesla Just Came Close to Killing Some People.

    Just a few days have passed since Tesla Motors released an “autopilot” feature for its Model S Sedan, and WIRED reports that the feature has already come close to causing some bad crashes. This is a video of Tesla’s autonomous driving mode steering the car into an oncoming traffic lane. As you can see, only the quick thinking of an actual human saves the occupants of both cars from a massive ...
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  • When Good Dogs Do Bad Things

    Not all dogs that bite people are bad dogs. As a personal injury attorney in Orange County, I see my fair share of dog bite cases. While it is true that there are some breeds that are inherently more dangerous than others, all breeds of dogs are capable of attacking people and causing injury. If you have been bitten by a dog , regardless of the dog’s nature or breed, you are entitled to be ...
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  • How Does a Personal Injury Case Work in California?

    As an experienced Orange County personal injury lawyer, I have settled hundreds of cases, and I will probably be going on my thousandth case very soon. Personal injury cases are second nature to me now. Sometimes, when I am handling a case for my clients, I have to remind myself to explain exactly where we are. My clients often wonder how a personal injury case works, and I am happy to talk to ...
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  • Santa Ana Police Get $300K to Fight Traffic Accidents

    Traffic-Related Deaths Have Climbed in Recent Years, Affecting the Safety of the Orange County Community. Between 2010 and 2014, deaths involving bicyclists alone soared by 16%. California won the dubious honor of being the most dangerous state in the nation for cyclists. The trend holds true on a local level in Orange County, with police stating that additional deaths have been caused by ...
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