Blog Posts in May, 2016

  • ACHTUNG! Joyriding German Teen Flies a Tesla Model S 80 Feet

    Tesla’s Model S is an impressive car. Free from internal combustion and its inherent inefficiencies, the fastest Model S does 0-60 in Ferrari times – just 2.8 seconds. I’ve personally driven a Model S, and a flat-out 0-60 run is a magical thing. Your brain pauses for an instant and you are already going too fast for comfort. Some German teens found out the hard way that even though the Model S has ...
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  • Snapchatting Teen Causes Major Brain Injuries - and Now the Police Want to Use a Textalyzer on You

    It wasn’t that long ago that to make a call in your car, you had to have a big boxy Bimmer or Benz with a built in handset phone. Car phones – what a boss throwback. I would rock one of these in my car now if I could. Of course, now that everyone has a cellphone, the potential for mayhem and distracted driving has gone through the roof. Enter a candidate for the Darwin award ­­-- teenager Christal ...
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