Blog Posts in August, 2017

  • Is Metrolink Really a Better Alternative for Commuters?

    For people living in the state of California, bad traffic has become a way of life. We are no stranger to the concept of heavy traffic, extended commute times, and a lot of frustrating situations while behind the wheel. In order to combat an increasingly horrible driving situation, the state of California has been promoting the metro as a great way to avoid rush-hour traffic, promising a smoother ...
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  • RMD Got Santa Ana to Pay a Settlement - You'll Be Terrified When You See Why

    RMD Law LLP ’s dedicated attorneys have a lot of experience handling serious injuries, but every once in a while we see some very gruesome cases. Last year, the team got a call from the Santa Ana area describing horrible set of facts – a young boy had his pinky finger amputated while riding a slide at the Santiago Creek Wildlife & Watershed Center. We immediately went out to investigate. What we ...
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