Slip & Fall Cases: When to Sue

Slip & Fall Cases: When to Sue

Sometimes, a slip and fall doesn’t truly show the magnitude of its injuries until some time has passed. Even if you’re not feeling any pain or soreness at the time of the fall, this doesn’t mean your injuries won’t take a while to appear--resulting in a number of medical bills, time spent in recovery, loss of work or wages, etc. If you slipped and fell due to the negligence of another, it is essential you keep record of any relevant information of the incident, so you can file for a personal injury claim within the statute of limitations.

Most injury cases may not be clear-cut right from the beginning. If you do not file a personal injury claim within the statute of limitations, you may face a series of blockages when you attempt to file in civil court. The clock begins the moment your injury occurs. As you can see, time is of the essence when it comes to the law. However, you need not fear missing the appropriate timeline when you have RMD Law LLP on your side. With the help of one of our Orange County personal injury attorneys, you can rest assured we will keep you accountable for any and all due dates.

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