Some of the strongest personal injury cases can end badly if you are not careful and vigilant. If you are worried about securing your personal injury claim, here are some things you need to know so you can avoid unfortunate results.

If you have sustained a traumatic brain injury, you must be fairly compensated for your losses. Read this article to learn when to file a case and hire a brain injury lawyer.

One of the first questions many injured victims ask their lawyers in the first call is “how much is my claim worth?” The simple answer is, no attorney can answer that so early. If they do quote you a value, their quote is likely a shot in the dark designed to get you to sign up, and you should steer clear immediately….

Though truly autonomous cars are at least a few years away, many automakers and tech companies have already implemented assistive driving capabilities to improve road safety. Some companies are going a step further, making and even piloting self-driving cars (all monitored by human operators who can intervene) in some major cities. Players in the market include Mercedes-Benz, Intel, Toyota, Apple, Volvo, Waymo (owned by Google),…