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  • 5 Tips to Save Your Life on Orange County Roads

    The New York Times’ Travel section has written about the Traffic Jam that Never Ends. Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka ranks 137 th out of 140 cities for worst traffic on earth in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Survey. In real terms, this means insanely dangerous roads where you must literally reach out of your window and touch the traffic, hand-checking other drivers’ vehicles to ...
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  • RMD Law's 5 Boat Safety Tips That Just Might Save Your Life This Summer

    It’s pretty hot in Irvine today. I know I enjoyed that California sunshine on my lunch break (Irvine Ranch Market, nicely done guys). With warmer weather comes boating season. Those of you in Newport Beach and surrounding communities might be thinking about hitting the ocean, while those of you living further inland might be going to Lake Havasu. Whether you’ll be out on saltwater sailing, or ...
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  • ACHTUNG! Joyriding German Teen Flies a Tesla Model S 80 Feet

    Tesla’s Model S is an impressive car. Free from internal combustion and its inherent inefficiencies, the fastest Model S does 0-60 in Ferrari times – just 2.8 seconds. I’ve personally driven a Model S, and a flat-out 0-60 run is a magical thing. Your brain pauses for an instant and you are already going too fast for comfort. Some German teens found out the hard way that even though the Model S has ...
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  • Snapchatting Teen Causes Major Brain Injuries - and Now the Police Want to Use a Textalyzer on You

    It wasn’t that long ago that to make a call in your car, you had to have a big boxy Bimmer or Benz with a built in handset phone. Car phones – what a boss throwback. I would rock one of these in my car now if I could. Of course, now that everyone has a cellphone, the potential for mayhem and distracted driving has gone through the roof. Enter a candidate for the Darwin award ­­-- teenager Christal ...
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  • The Dirty Truth About Prop 213

    Many clients come to us after a car accident only to hear some bad news – The value of their case is low because they didn’t have insurance. In 1996, California voters approved Proposition 213. Since then, if you didn’t have valid insurance coverage at the time of your accident, you can’t recover “pain and suffering” for your accident. There is no room for mistakes with Prop 213. Many clients come ...
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  • Car Rental Companies Exposed You to Fatal Crashes for Years - And the Law is Finally Catching On

    In 2004, Raechel and Jacqueline Houck rented a Chrysler PT Cruiser from Enterprise left their mother’s house in Ojai to make the five hour drive north to their home in Santa Cruz, CA. That would be the last time their mother Cally would see them alive. “Enterprise admitted that it was standard operating procedure to keep renting out cars, even when they knew a recall that could affect customer ...
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  • What to Do After a Car Accident: The Definitive Guide

    This guide is not messing around. Here is what you have to do to protect yourself the instant you are in a car accident . Coming from a personal injury lawyer, these are the real deal. 1. Call the Cops It happens all the time. The person who just hit you says there is no need to call the cops, and they’ll give you their information. They are SO sorry for hitting you. Coming from a lawyer who has ...
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  • What Is a Mediation? Is That Better Than a Jury Trial?

    I often get questions from my injured clients about mediation. How is that different from a jury trial, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of going to a mediation to settle a case? Will a mediation still mean a fair settlement amount for the injuries? RMD Law LLP's attorneys have a lot of experience with mediation. The first thing to know about mediation is that it is not a formal ...
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  • Sucked into a Jet Engine? Hit in the Face with a Duck? We Can Help.

    At RMD Law LLP , part of our job as Orange County personal injury attorneys is to be experts in medical records and billing. When our clients are hurt, we help to maximize the value of their claim by bringing their injuries to the attention of the defense – and demanding fair payment for those injuries. In medicine, all injuries are assigned a code under the International Classification of ...
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