Ryan Drakulich, Esq.

RMD law Associate Attorney Ryan Drakulich attended the University of Arizona and completed his undergraduate degree in Human Physiology and Anatomy in 2011. After his undergrad work, Ryan obtained his law degree at Orange County’s own Chapman University Fowler School of Law in 2018, and he was admitted to the California Bar that same year.

Having worked at St Joseph’s Hospital emergency department for several years in his prior career, Ryan is uniquely qualified to help accident victims understand the dense medical terminology that comes with having a fractured bone, spinal injury, traumatic brain injury, and many other types of serious injuries his clients often struggle with. This is a big deal — quite often the devil is in the detail in a personal injury case. Having someone with Ryan’s medical background and attention to detail means our RMD Law can capitalize on injuries that lesser firms miss.

Ryan is an experienced litigator who brings a lot of firepower to the RMD Law team. He has taken and defended scores of depositions, and he understands what it takes to move a case from the first court filing all the way up through trial in Orange County, which can be a uniquely challenging venue. Ryan has a caring approach to helping his clients, and he enthusiastically helps guide them through the discovery and deposition process. He has a winning attitude, and he never backs down from a challenging case. RMD is lucky and grateful to have Ryan’s talents on board.

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  • Car Accidents

  • Wrongful Death

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