DMV SR-1 Form: What You Need to Know

Within 10 days of a major accident, California law requires you to fill out an SR-1 form. What does this form mean, and why do you need it? The car accident lawyers at RMD can provide the help you need.

sr-1 formCar accidents are inconvenient and painful. An Orange County car accident lawyer could go on for days about the troubles caused due to damage to your vehicle, injuries to yourself or friends and family, and dealing with the insurance companies. However, among all the insurance paperwork, phone calls, and other hassles, one item stands out for California drivers: the DMV SR-1 form.

What is an SR-1 Form?

Within 10 days of a major accident, California law requires you to fill out an SR-1 form if:

  • There was property damage of more than $1,000
  • Anyone was injured
  • Anyone was killed

Even if you’ve reported the accident through your insurance company, you still have to submit an SR-1 to the DMV.

Why SR-1?

While filling out yet another form may seem like a bit of unnecessary paperwork, the SR-1 form helps protect responsible drivers. Auto insurance is mandatory in California, but unfortunately not all drivers comply. In addition to creating a record of the accident itself and any damages, this form provides evidence if you’re in an accident with an uninsured driver. This can help protect you when dealing with insurance companies.

What Information Must Drivers Provide?

The form itself isn’t too complicated – it includes contact information for you and the other driver(s), as well as information about the accident and any damage or injuries that occurred as a result. You’ll also submit your insurance information including an NAIC number, which is a number assigned by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to each insurance underwriting company. This often appears on insurance ID cards as “Company Number.”

The form (PDF available here) is fairly straightforward, but an experienced Orange County car accident lawyer can help. Call us today at (949) 806-3197 or contact us online and we’ll be happy to fill it out for you.

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