When I first spoke to Aria at RMD Law, I was at the end of my rope with a personal injury case I had been told by several other lawyers wasn’t worth pursuing. No one else was willing to take it on. Aria was honest with me from our initial consultation that it was a shot in the dark, but because he saw the potential he was willing to give it his best shot. It wasn’t long before he put the details together and called me to say, “wow, looks we have a really promising case here actually.” End result: we ended up winning. Beyond securing a successful outcome, the RMD Law team was great to work with. They were honest, which I appreciated, but also very reassuring, diligent, and communicative. Legal issues are definitely over my head, so it gave me a boost of confidence working with someone who could very clearly explain the process and keep me in the loop on everything. They definitely made the process easy for me. Every time I talked to Aria on the phone, he was upbeat and optimistic, and he was kind to me while answering all my novice questions :). Again, I’m not referring to the type of “blind optimism” that makes you feel lied to – I’m sure if I didn’t actually have a case he would have been honest about it. Through the process, we talked about a lot of complex issues and he gave honest feedback but was extremely nice about it and I would get off the phone feeling like this person actually cared about me and my future.


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