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Injured in a Scooter Ridesharing Accident in Orange County?

Scooter ridesharing companies like Bird and Lime are set to revolutionize short-distance transportation in California. These companies allow anyone to log into an app and rent a scooter wherever they find it. The scooters only charge a couple dollars, and when the customer is finished with the scooter, they can leave it wherever they want.

Although scooters are a convenient way to travel a short distance, they are also dangerous. Many people riding scooters can suffer devastating injuries, but pedestrians must also be careful. It is very easy for pedestrians to trip over a scooter or be struck by an inexperienced scooter rider.

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Why Scooters Are Dangerous

Many people have ridden a scooter before and probably don’t understand what could make them so dangerous.

Here are only some of the ways that scooters can cause accidents:

  • Virtually anyone can rent a Bird or Lime scooter, regardless of their age or experience with a scooter. For this reason, many inexperienced riders will be on the roads and the sidewalks.
  • Many people renting scooters will be teens, who are prone to riskier behavior. Statistics show that young car drivers are much more likely to be in an accident than older drivers, and there is no reason to expect things will be different with scooters.
  • Scooters are hard to see, and riders might blend in with people on the sidewalk. As a result, motor vehicles might collide more easily with scooters.
  • Scooters are more prone to upset when they hit uneven pavement or a pothole. They might also be harder to handle in the rain.
  • Scooters are not supposed to be ridden on sidewalks, only bike lanes. However, many people will still ride them on the sidewalk, endangering pedestrians.
  • Lime and Bird require that riders wear a helmet, but there is no practical way to enforce that. Riders can pick up a helmet from a nearby location, but many will not bother to do so. After an accident, they are more prone to head injuries.
  • Scooters like Lime and Bird are dangerous because they can be “dropped off” anywhere. As soon as the rider is finished, they can abandon the scooter. This means scooters will probably clutter store entrances, where people can trip and fall over them. Scooters might also block handicap ramps, rendering many places inaccessible to the disabled.

In spite of these dangers, many people find scooters an attractive method of transportation, and California cities have been eager to embrace them. If you have not seen a scooter on the road, watch out for them. They are soon to be swarming around you.

What to Do After an Electric Scooter Accident

With more scooters in and around Orange County, you might find yourself injured by one. There are important steps you should take to protect your health and your ability to possibly receive compensation.

After the collision, do the following:

  • Get the number of the scooter.
  • Ask for the name of the person operating the scooter.
  • Take pictures of the scene of the accident, including any damage to the scooter and surrounding vehicles or buildings.
  • Identify witnesses and obtain their contact information.
  • Take photographs of your injuries, if you sustained any. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words.

Lastly, make sure you get to the hospital as soon as possible to have a doctor check you out. Be advised that some injuries, like back injuries or concussions, could take a day or two for symptoms to show. Remember to follow your doctor’s orders and get a second opinion if you do not think you are improving.

Who Is Responsible if a Scooter Hits a Pedestrian?

The pedestrian might have a legal claim against the scooter rider for negligently handling the scooter. The key will be to show that the rider did not operate the scooter with sufficient care, and that you were injured as a result.

However, the rider probably does not have any insurance that could pay out a settlement—which is a big problem. No law requires that people get insurance before they can ride a scooter, so anyone victimized might not receive anything.

Of course, you can check if they have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, but chances are those policies do not cover a scooter accident. The rider’s car insurance also likely does not apply, either. In this unfortunate situation, a pedestrian might be out of luck and be unable to receive any compensation.

Who Is Responsible if a Motor Vehicle Hits a Scooter?

This is a pretty straightforward situation. If the driver operated their motor vehicle in a negligent manner, then their liability insurance should cover the accident. Meet with an electric scooter accident lawyer to discuss your case. However, if the scooter rider caused the accident, they have to live with their injuries.

What if a Scooter Hits a Motor Vehicle?

Probably only the car is damaged, not any occupants. Nevertheless, the motorist might not be able to receive any money from the scooter rider to fix their car. Instead, the motorist will need to rely on collision insurance, if they have it.

What if a Pedestrian or Bicyclist Causes a Scooter Crash?

This is a likely scenario, as reported in this LA Times article, in which the author fell off her scooter after a bicyclist pulled out directly in front of her. In these situations, a scooter rider is likely to fall off and injure themselves. However, it will be hard to receive anything since the pedestrian is not insured.

What if a Defective Scooter Injures Someone?

Defective scooters are a very real concern. Many things could potentially go wrong and send a rider tumbling toward the ground. Or the rider could lose control and crash the scooter into a pedestrian, injuring other people.

Generally, California law holds manufacturers responsible if they put a defective product in the stream of commerce. If successful, an injured victim can sue Bird or Lime and receive compensation.

However, the key will be to identify a defect. Simply falling off the scooter, as one Dallas woman did, is insufficient. Riders are responsible for their own actions, so you cannot sue the company if the scooter was in good condition and the company gave riders proper warnings.

Talk to an Experienced Orange County Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer

Scooter accident lawsuits is an emerging field in California, but injured victims can be sure that RMD Law has their back.

If you were injured in a Lime or Bird scooter accident, time is of the essence. By meeting with an attorney, you can review the circumstances surrounding the crash and identify whether you have a valid legal case. If you do, then your electric scooter accident lawyer can help make a claim for compensation with the at-fault party’s insurer.

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