RMD Law Wins $1 Million Premises Liability Case

Led by Attorney Nicole DolleRMD Law – Personal Injury Lawyers won a $1 million settlement on behalf of our client who suffered a permanent brain injury in a premises liability case.

Our client was housesitting and suffered an unfortunate fall down a flight of stairs that resulted in the catastrophic injury. When our expert inspected the property, we discovered that the stairs were not to code.

When a homeowner invites a person for any lawful purpose on the premises, they must exercise ordinary care to keep the property safe. However, our legal team knew it was going to be a difficult case since residential homeowners have less of a duty to guests compared to residential and commercial landlords.

But since the injury was extremely severe in nature and the hazardous exposure was beyond the policy limit, we were able to remain firm and demand our $1 million policy demand. What initially appeared to be a lost case became a seven-figure outcome thanks to Attorney Dolle.

She is a true litigator with a comprehensive understanding of the legal system, protecting the rights and best interests of our clients against insurance companies. On behalf of RMD Law, we congratulate Attorney Dolle for her commitment to helping our clients make the best possible recovery from injury.

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Aria Miran
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