$350,000 Settlement for Clients Injured in a Golf Cart Crash

RMD Law’s team of personal injury lawyers is celebrating another victory, this time for securing clients involved in a golf cart crash $350,000 in Riverside County.

About The Accident

Our clients went to a party at the defendant’s massive ranch property. The homeowner gave them permission to drive his golf cart to the guest house, and that’s when disaster struck.

Earlier in the day, other party guests had been slacklining – that’s a game where a tightrope is strung between two trees, and players try to walk across it without falling. Unfortunately, the line was strung directly across the golf cart’s path, and it was totally invisible at night.

The golf cart hit the line and was totally destroyed, with its roof and steering wheel torn right off. The driver and passenger suffered massive injuries, including:

After the accident, the insurance company didn’t want to take responsibility

The case itself had to be filed and litigated and was hard-fought. The initial offer was ZERO for the driver and just $40,000 for the passenger.

Attorney Nicole Dolle, the lead counsel on the case for RDM Law, took the claim through a mediation, and all the way to the eve of trial.

The defense finally saw the light and chose to settle the case just before jury selection was to begin.

If You’ve Been Injured in a Golf Cart Accident, Speak with an Attorney

After an incident like this, a lot of injured people think that they have been the victims of a freak accident and that nothing can be done. The reality is often more complicated.

In this case, the homeowner had a duty to keep his property safe for our guests, and we were able to prove it. That’s why it’s so important to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after an accident with severe injuries.

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RMD Law has a 99% success rate and has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients injured in golfing related injury accidents.

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