Lyft Accidents in Orange County

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Lyft Accident Lawyers

When you request a Lyft on your phone and get in, you generally expect a smooth ride to your next destination. Part of the service, after all, is the convenience at a low price.

However, you might experience a bumpy ride along the way. Lyft, Uber, and other ridesharing services aren’t trained taxi drivers. While these companies do screen driving records, drivers are subject to the same distractions as anyone else.

The experienced Orange County car accident attorneys at RMD Law LLP can discuss your rights and help you learn more about filing a claim for compensation. We are proven advocates who are dedicated to seeking full and fair compensation for each client. Our track record of high settlements has changed lives and helped many of our clients move forward with financial peace of mind.

Our Recent Results
  • $2.22Million

    Orange County Trial Verdict

    We obtained Orange County’s 2nd highest verdict in California in 2020. Our client was rear-ended by a police officer.

  • $71Million

    Recently Recovered

    RMD Law has recovered over $71 million dollars for our clients who have been injured in accidents. We can help you get the maximum settlement you deserve after an accident.

  • $2Million

    Wrongful Death

    Parking lot accident involving personal injuries and wrongful death.

Insurance – Lyft Accidents

While Lyft has a $1 million insurance policy that could cover any minor injuries, you may have to sue for more compensation if your injuries exceed that amount. If the worst occurs and you sustain severe spinal damage, you could be paralyzed for life.

Depending on the severity, yearly expenses for these type of injuries average from $334,000 to $1.023 million or more in the first year and $40,500 to $171,800 in each following year. For someone who becomes paralyzed at age 50, lifetime costs could reach from $1.45 to $2.5 million or more.

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