Is Metrolink Really a Better Alternative for Commuters?

For people living in the state of California, bad traffic has become a way of life. We are no stranger to the concept of heavy traffic, extended commute times, and a lot of frustrating situations while behind the wheel.

In order to combat an increasingly horrible driving situation, the state of California has been promoting the metro as a great way to avoid rush-hour traffic, promising a smoother commute. While this may sound like an amazing concept, is the Metrolink really a better alternative for commuters?

The sad reality is, the metro may not be a great alternative for California residents, partly because commuters are forced to adhere to a very strict train timetable, which may or may not align with one’s schedule. Aside from the annoyance of having to work with an inflexible schedule, it is also important to mention the possibility of a train accident, especially if one is not used to traveling by train.

September is Rail Safety Month in California

Metrolink joins with California to promote awareness for train safety in the month of September. On their web page for Rail Safety Month 2017, Metrolink specifically states:

“The average Metrolink train weighs 600 tons and can’t stop on a dime. In fact, it can take 1/3 of a mile or longer to stop a train depending on its speed.”

While riding the Metro may allow commuters to spend less time behind a wheel, it comes with certain risks, such as the train’s inherent inability to stop quickly in the event of an unexpected hazard.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Railroad Administration, a derailment or train collision occurs every 90 minutes. This certainly doesn’t inspire a sense of safety in commuters. While driving also offers a number of risks, one is at least in control to a certain extent when he or she is behind the wheel.

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