Wrong Way Drivers to Blame in 2 Separate Freeway 91 Crashes

Anaheim, CALIFORNIA – California Highway Patrol responded to 2 separate crashes early Sunday morning. Both involved drivers going the wrong way on Freeway 91 in the Anaheim area. One crash was fatal.

Very early Sunday morning, CHP responded to the first crash, a 5 car pileup in Anaheim Hills. Police said a wrong-way driver is to blame. The driver crashed head-on into another vehicle which resulted in the chain reaction pile up. In the end, 4 people went to the hospital with severe injuries from the accident. CHP reported one of the involved drivers was intoxicated.

A second crash took place around 5 am Sunday. It involved a single vehicle and the driver died as a result. The car was driving west in the eastbound lanes of Freeway 91 in Anaheim. It appears the vehicle drove through the HOV lanes and then collided with the center divider. The car then burst into flames. Investigators are looking into intoxication as a cause for this accident.

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Aria Miran
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