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RMD Law is an Orange County personal injury law firm that specializes in self-driving car accident cases. If you or a loved one has been injured in a self-driving car accident you should contact our experienced Orange County car accident lawyer for a free, no obligation case evaluation.

At RMD Law, we believe that reputation is everything. When clients trust us with their cases, we do everything in our power to help guide them. That means personal service and sharp advocacy.

At RMD Law, We Work Hard for Your Recovery

Self-driving car accidents are inconvenient and painful. They create a lot of paperwork, make you miss work, and put you on the hook for huge medical bills. Sometimes, injuries are permanent and leave clients disabled for life.

All car accidents are scary, but a car accident with a self-driving vehicle can be both upsetting and confusing. At the offices of RMD Law, we know that you may have questions about liability, the claim process, and how to recover your full compensation amount after a crash with a self-driving vehicle in Orange County. Our legal team has years of experience and results that speak for themselves, and we are prepared to advocate for you if you’ve been in a crash. Our reputation matters – to maintain ours, we always provide personalized services.

We Fight for Your Rights to Your Full Settlement Amount

If you are involved in an accident caused by an autonomous vehicle, you surely want to recover compensation for your losses. Our lawyers not only help you to determine liability for an accident involving a self-driving car, but also file a claim and valuate your damages. Our goal is to get you 100 percent of the value of your losses for medical bills, lost wages, property damages, and any noneconomic harm you have suffered.

We Get Results You Can Count On

We pride ourselves on getting results for our clients and over the years we have recovered millions of dollars on our clients’ behalf. Some of our recent results include:


Our track record of high settlements is a comfort to our prospective clients. You can also be at ease with the fact that we never collect a fee unless we win, and always offer free, no-obligation consultations.

We Care About Our Clients

You deserve to work with a law firm who will provide you with customized service and personalized attention. When you work with us, you are working with lawyers who know that you’re the most important person involved in the claims process and who are dedicated to working hard on your settlement. You will never have to worry about not hearing from us for days or weeks; we keep you apprised of any progress throughout the process. Our lawyers are available 24 hours a day for a consultation, communicate directly with clients, and are fluent in English, Spanish, and Farsi.


What You Need to Know About Accidents with Autonomous Vehicles

Car accident claims involving autonomous vehicles raise additional questions about liability. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) sets the levels of autonomy in a vehicle, and what level the defendant’s car was operating at during the accident may affect how our lawyers proceed.

Our attorneys can help you to answer those questions and recover the money you deserve. If you’ve been in a crash with a self-driving car, be sure to:

● Seek medical care as soon as possible;
● Request a copy of the police report;
● Take photos of the accident if you can;
● Be cautious when speaking with an insurance adjuster (adjusters are looking for ways to minimize claims); and
● Contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

Further, remember that it is essential to bring forth your car accident case within two years from the date of its occurrence.

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